Your Investment in Education

Date posted: Thursday 19 October 2017

One of the great joys of partnership with the Iringa Diocese (DIRA) is watching those who have received secondary school scholarships grow in their abilities to make amazing contributions to their parishes and to the wider community in Iringa. Once again it's time for those of us in St. Paul to make our pledges of support to these educational programs in Iringa. In order for us to accurately plan for 2018 we ask that you send your pledged amount to your cluster leaders by November 1, 2017. In addition to continuing to sponsor secondary school scholarships for your partner congregation, please consider the following additional ways to support the entire educational process in DIRA.
The BKB Post Secondary Scholarship Program provides scholarships to high achieving individuals who have been endorsed by their Tanzanian parish and have been accepted into university or post-secondary programs in areas of study that include theology, education, and health care as well as community development, environmental engineering, business and law in accordance with the priorities/needs determined by Diocese leadership.
Education Infrastructure Projects update and repair DIRA schools that have crumbling buildings and dormitories where kids may sleep three to a bed.  The Scholarship and Education Working Group consults with leaders in the Iringa Diocese to determine a project to work on in partnership. The first project, two science labs for Lutangilo Secondary School, is about 90% complete. We are conferring with DIRA leaders to determine our next project.
Teacher Training has been conducted through a partnership between BKB and Mwangaza. The focus of the training is to give educators the skills to improve student outcomes and also share their new skills with other staff members.
The Equity Fund provides scholarships to students in the 28 un-partnered DIRA parishes. The plan is to provide at least 2 scholarships to each un-partnered parish for qualified students who are endorsed by their parish councils. 
Secondary Scholarships are awarded at the parish level according to criteria for selection developed by BKB and the Iringa diocese.
As you submit your congregation's pledge to your cluster leader by November 1, 2017, please indicate the amount you wish to pledge in each of the areas listed above to ensure your financial resources are used in the way you desire. It is a privilege to partner with the people of the Iringa Diocese in this way. Those of us who have had the good fortune to see the buildings we have completed together, and meet with these students, can attest to the impact your gifts have on the lives of the students and their parishes. Thank you for walking alongside our neighbors and making a big difference in so many lives.
The Rev. Lynda Thompson
On behalf of the Iringa Scholarship and Education Committee