The Synod Introduces Our New Logo

Date posted: Wednesday 27 July 2016

At Synod Assembly this year, Bishop Lull released the synod’s new Statement of Purpose, guiding the synod into where God is calling us today. Now we are excited to have branding that better reflects this hope, faith, and confidence in our work together, as exemplified in our new Statement.


Representing the four primary counties that make up our synod, the pieces of the cross both come together and radiate out, reaching up and across the plane and engaging new directions – but always centered around and composed of the cross. The vibrant and warm color palette is optimistic, bold, and welcoming.


The fresh branding illustrates our renewed work together to have wider engagement in God’s world and bolder trust in God’s work through us. We hope that the new branding will remind & inspire you to live out the Statement of Purpose: emboldening your public witness, welcoming new possibilities, and building partnerships – centered at the cross and yet still moving out in the world, meeting Christ in your neighbors.