Whose Corner Are We In: Women of the ELCA Act to End Human Trafficking

Date posted: Friday 04 August 2017

"In whose corner are we being called to stand?"


Leymah Gbowee, a peace activist from Liberia and Nobel Peace Prize winner, asked us this in a room of 3,000+ women at the Women of the ELCA triennial. During her address, Gbowee talked about making people in power angry, rousing emotions as she does the difficult work of changing systems and changing people. She unapologetically talked about being a troublemaker.


Through Cherish All Children, we are being called to stand in the corner of vulnerable children and youth, to prevent sexual exploitation and work to fight societal norms that harm our children. We need to rouse emotions about the exploitation of our children, and work to change systems and change people. Even one conversation can change a life.


Fortunately, the Women of the ELCA are passionately engaged in this work as well. They passed resolution 2017.01: Act to End Human Trafficking. This includes using resources such as Cherish All Children’s mission model, "Pray, Educate, Connect, and Act", as well as WELCA’s Understanding and Responding to Human Trafficking and the ELCA’s 6-part Human Trafficking Learning Series for youth and adults.


In whose corner are you being called to stand? How will your congregation get involved? Contact us to stand with vulnerable children and youth.


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For more information, go to www.cherishallchildren.org