The Next Generations

Date posted: Friday 03 March 2023

Whenever I have traveled with a group that included young people, our Tanzanian hosts have taken special notice. "When we see these young travelers, we know that this companionship will continue into the next generation," they say with satisfaction.


Raising up the next generation of leaders is an important goal of Bega Kwa Bega’s strategic plan. In recent years we’ve recruited younger leaders to be part of the Iringa Committee and BKB Program Team. We’ve invited a younger generation of pastors and deacons to participate in Pamoja travel groups. We’ve dreamed of offering young adult travel groups on a regular basis. We’ve facilitated travel for college cohorts.


We regularly hear from a number of young adults who want to engage more deeply in the companionship and we understand that their biggest challenge is finding funding.


The Saint Paul Area Synod is currently engaged in a fundraising campaign that can help us address this need. The Planting Hope Campaign includes initiatives for evangelism, congregational renewal, partnering with Lutheran Social Services to bring a therapeutic preschool to the East Side, and raising up the next generations of leaders.


Recognizing the power of experiential learning and global travel in providing a context for reflecting on faith and vocation, $125,000 raised by the campaign will expand opportunities for young adults to travel to our companion synods in Tanzania and Guatemala, as well as other global contexts.


Imagine the impact that funding could have, enabling young people to engage more deeply in our companionship. Imagine if we could offer funding support so that every synod travel group included at least one young adult.


How can you support this effort? Give to The Planting Hope Campaign, either through your congregation or give online.




Kirsten Levorson

Director of Bega Kwa Bega