The Millions of Trees Project is Growing and Growing!

Date posted: Thursday 29 April 2021

Trees for food. Trees for the environment. Trees for a source of income and economic empowerment for parishes, diocesan ministry departments, and for individuals. The Millions of Trees Project is making a big impact in the lives of people and the environment in the Iringa Diocese.


After the recent blessing of the avocado seedlings at the Iringa head office, Rev. Elisande Mhanga was excited to share, “This year we have succeeded to grow 5,986 grafted avocado seedlings.” These seedling are being sold to parishes throughout the diocese, and to individuals for 2,500TSH each. This will raise more than 4 million Tanzania Shillings to support the ongoing mission of the Millions of Trees project.


The avocado trees will bear fruit in three to four years, which will provide both a nutritious food source and a cash crop for the parishes and ministry departments of the head office. The plan for 2021 is to plant an additional 5,000 avocado trees, and to begin planting mango trees as well.


Millions of Trees continues to plant pine tree seedlings and eucalyptus seedlings. The number of pine tree seedlings planted has decreased as demand has decreased due to the low cost of trees for lumber. And sadly, close to 25% of the previously planted pine trees have been destroyed by forest fires, due to lightning strikes and cooking fires left unattended. Eucalyptus trees remain popular and are used primarily as wind breaks and as a divide between farmland. The eucalyptus trees grow rapidly, creating a lasting positive impact on the environment and climate change. In 2021 the plan is to plant 1,000 pine seedlings and 10,000 eucalyptus seedlings.


The Millions of Trees project is great for planet Earth. If you are interested in saving the planet and providing nutritious food and economic empowerment to our friends in Tanzania, we would welcome your help and partnership. Please contact Pastor Kent Claussen Gubrud at or Dr. David Klevan at to learn more. No fund raising is required. Prior or future travel to Iringa is recommended. Karibu sana!


Solio Deo Gloria.
-Pastor Kent Claussen Gubrud and David Klevan, tree partners