Symbolizing Hunger and the Resurrection

Date posted: Monday 21 March 2016

by Vernita Kennen


As Easter and the good news of the resurrection of Jesus gets near, I have been thinking of the many symbols related to Easter and the resurrection. Which ones speak most to you? Which have been your favorites for many years? And which ones are new thoughts for you?


I suppose for many of us, eggs are the first answer that comes to mind. No doubt as children we talked more about colored and decorated eggs and where they might be hidden. Now we see that there is more to the “hidden” aspect of the story as we remember the tomb and the stone placed there.


Rabbits? Spring brings new growth of all kinds and the good news of the resurrection is meant to multiply as do those furry animals.


Butterflies are another symbol often used. Many congregations order caterpillars at the proper time so that the butterflies will emerge on Easter Sunday. They are a good symbol of rebirth and how the resurrection of Jesus brings change into our lives, too. This fits well into the “Always Being Made New” plan for the ELCA, especially in 2016 as we emphasize the work of ELCA World Hunger.


For me, and perhaps for others who have a passion for working to end hunger, I like the symbolism of bread. I love to watch the bread rise and remember that faith, like yeast, continues to grow in our lives through the gift of the Holy Spirit. Baking bread is, for me, both a way to remind me of the Bread of Life offered in the Eucharist as “the body of Christ” and a way for me to connect with all the children of God around the world. Depending on the kind of bread I have baked or am sharing with others, the faces of people in other countries are at the table with me.


Share your favorite Easter and resurrection symbol with someone this season. Continue to share your bread and the good news with others as we celebrate the risen Christ among us.


(Photo via Unsplash)