Sustaining Our Bonds of Friendship

Date posted: Tuesday 23 February 2021

On February 6, we held a Friends of Guatemala Zoom meeting with Pastor Karen Castillo and Diego Gil. Our gathering was informative, quick-moving and (big smile here!) a chance to reconnect with the Iglesia Luterana Agustina de Guatemala.


Did you miss this wonderful event? Never fear, you can still hear directly from Pr. Karen and Diego on these topics:

  1. COVID and hurricane relief efforts–what is the current state of health, what relief has been delivered, and what plans are being made to sustainably support the rural families in the future.
  2. the ILAG elementary school near Guatemala City–the building repairs accomplished, the welcoming of students into the building quickly followed by reclosing, and next steps;
  3. the MILAGRO Women's Education Center–a full house once again of both returning and new students, and how they have been received in their home communities during the winter break.


Click here to watch the video. Please share it with others. And continue to pray for the staff and members of the ILAG.


The event opened with prayer led by Pastor Cindy and Pastor Nick Fisher-Broin. Pastor Nick is a member of the Synod Guatemala Committee.


Let us join together in prayer:

Most Holy God, we thank you for sustaining our bonds of friendship as the children of God. We ask for your blessing today to be with the congregations of the ILAG and here in the United States as we pray for strength and healing in a troubled time. Cause us, O Lord, to not lose heart in the face of great challenges but always seek ways in which your Holy Spirit builds new bridges and opens new doors between us.


We pray for the ILAG congregations still recovering from the hurricanes and for the families replanting their crops. We pray for all those sheltering from the pandemic virus that they may be kept safe, just as we pray for the fair distribution of vaccines to protect all your people, everywhere. Bless the ILAG staff as they join us this morning to bring us news of their struggles, hopes and joys, that in the sharing of our stories, we might find the consolation of your life-giving Spirit. In the name of Christ we pray. Amen


Janet Metcalfe
Synod Guatemala Committee