Sometimes There Are Not Pictures

Date posted: Tuesday 30 June 2015

This newsletter's feature is a post written by Beth McCabe from ilag.las.rosas: Walking Together in Christ, a blog detailing Bethesda's recent trip to their companions in Guatemala.


As is often the case when traveling, sometimes there is not a picture when you need one. I tried my best to put as many pictures as I could on this blog each day, but sometimes I came short of my own expectations. As a very visual person, it stinks to not have the right picture to convey what was happening in Guatemala all week.


The reasons so many pictures are "missing" are great and varied. Often the WiFi conditions made it difficult for me to post as many pictures as I wanted. Another reason there are not pictures are because sometimes it was far too hard to capture a picture at a particular moment. Going through the market places in Chichicastenango and Panajachel was so overwhelming that trying to take pictures would have been nearly impossible. There was no way to capture the amount of people, colors, and smells that filled every corner of the market places. There is also no way to fully describe the beauty of looking through the plane's window at the sun setting over the twinkling lights of the Twin Cities and knowing that you are home after an incredible week.


The main reason that there are not pictures is because there was no way to capture the emotions of our trip in a single shot. Throughout the week we laughed and cried with our brothers and sisters of Milagro de Dios. We heard the stories of the women of the community and grieved beside them. We shared joy in worshipping together with the community. No amount of pictures can express the amount of love we have for this community in Las Rosas.


This week in Guatemala has taught me that there is not one picture of God. As we grew together as a team and as a partnership with Milagro de Dios, God was besides us, slightly different to each person. God's love is completely encompassing, but every person experiences it differently. Through our partnership with Milagro de Dios and ILAG, my picture of God has changed. I have more names and faces to place in my prayers. Touring Guatemala has increased my worldview and reminded how large and awesome God is. His fingerprint is on every single person we met on this trip and every place we visited.


As the team is welcomed back into our normal communities, it is important to remember this idea, that sometimes there are not pictures to describe the life changing events of this trip.


Continue to lift Milagro de Dios and ILAG in prayer. Our partnership is vital to our continued growth in Christ.


Beth McCabe

Bethesda Lutheran, Inver Grove Heights