Some Thoughts About Doors

Date posted: Saturday 27 March 2021

I participated during Lent this year in weekly Lectio Divina sessions through Wisdom Ways in St. Paul. The readings used were from the Gospel of Thomas and the experience a wonderful way to help me stay quiet and yet share a few thoughts with others during the weeks of Lent.


The week of March 22, the reading from Thomas was sayings #92 and 94. I found myself almost overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas about doors. I remembered the childhood pictures of Jesus standing outside the door knocking as well as the song whose lyrics begin “Knock and It Shall Be Opened Unto You…." The song went through my head countless times during the meditative time!


Here are some recommendations to you after my pondering on doors and how that may relate to our work as people of faith to end hunger:


  1. Consider the doors that are closed to those who live with hunger. Are some of them just closed - - or did someone shut them intentionally? Or unintentionally?
  2. Have you shut a door on those who live with hunger, here or somewhere else in the world?
  3. What are the doors that your congregation has open or helped open to those who live with hunger? How might they be opened wider? Or opened to those who now find them closed?
  4. What is your role as a hinge to doors that might be closed? What can you do help make the door swing open more widely? Who might you invite to help swing the door open?
  5. What are YOU being called to do for/with those who live with hunger when you hear the words of Yeshua recorded in Thomas saying: “Doors will swing open for the ones who knock"?


Words to think and act on as we finish our journey through Lent and live into the promise of the resurrection of our Lord.


-Vernita Kennen

Incarnation, Shoreview