Seeing the Work of BKB for the First Time

Date posted: Sunday 11 April 2021

When we make field visits in Iringa, we often say that Bega Kwa Bega has two ‘shoulders’ – the BKB-SPAS office and BKB-DIRA office. Both have experienced significant changes with new coordinators installed in recent months. Ryan and Astine Bose now occupy the BKB-SPAS office while Pastor Jiskaka Lwila has joined Mr. Frank Mkocha in the BKB-DIRA office.


In this week’s Companion News Update, we hear from Pastor Lwila as he describes his first time visiting scholarship students as the BKB-DIRA Coordinator in January and February. Later in April, we expect that the team will go out again to introduce Ryan and Astine to the schools and take pictures on behalf of congregations in the United States.




It has been an annual tendency of our offices to visit schools and sponsored students early in the year. The schools we visited this year are DIRA-owned schools of Bomalang’ombe, Ipalamwa, Lutangilo, Pomerini, Image, and Mtera. Scholarship Clerk Frank Mkocha and I, as a new BKB-DIRA Coordinator, had a good time visiting the mentioned schools at the beginning of February. To me it was a new experience as I had never visited two of the schools, Lutangilo and Mtera. Also on our trip, we invited Pastor Lusungu Msigwa who was the BKB-DIRA Coordinator for almost 11 years. He was very helpful to me since he showed me how to do the checklist of students in schools.


A new experience for me was the special kind of welcome we received at each of them. I have experienced the heart of generosity from students, teachers, and non-teaching staff. We watched traditional dances and scout groups and heard songs and speeches from heads of schools and students.


The sponsored students were very thankful for the support they get through Bega Kwa Bega. When I saw their faces with tears of happiness, it proved to me that they appreciate what is offered to them. One special observation was at Mtera Lutheran High School where I met the students with special needs, like those who are blind. Really, the scholarship program is very important to students – especially these students of special needs.


I also came to see the good work of buildings like classrooms, a multipurpose hall, laboratories, dormitories, libraries and administration blocks, together with many other good works done by this Companion Partnership of BKB-SPAS and BKB-DIRA. I really appreciate the work of God’s Kingdom done by you guys.


Joining the ministry of this partnership makes me feel good. I feel like I am serving God and I hope and believe that God will help me to continue working with you friends from the Saint Paul Area Synod in order to fulfill God’s Mission through Prayer, Presence and Projects.


In closing, I would like to present my thanks to the almighty God who helped us to visit all schools. Also, special thanks go to Pastor Lusungu Msigwa who showed me the way on this important work. People of BKB-SPAS receive our thanks, as well, for the support you are giving to these students of Africa who are from difficult environments. I know the money you are giving to these students is a seed planted in good soil, it will grow and produce fruits of blessings to your life as well to your offspring.


May Peace and Joy be with you especially on this difficult season of Pandemic of COVID-19. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed.


Happy Easter Season with God’s Blessings,

-Pastor Lwila, BKB-DIRA Coordinator