Scholarship Season Fall 2022

Date posted: Thursday 29 September 2022

Bega Kwa Bega’s largest collective project is the BKB Scholarship Program, changing lives through the gift of education. This year, your generous gifts supported 1,195 students in secondary school, 50 college and university students, as well as teacher training events and infrastructure construction that improved educational opportunities for all the students attending diocese schools. That’s quite a gift!


During visits to the diocese schools in July, every headmaster reported making progress toward performance goals. Several of the schools were recognized for improved student scores by regional government education officials.


In the next few weeks, our annual scholarship pledge process begins. Here’s what to watch for:

  • This week, the Post-Secondary Review Board interviews 50+ scholarship applicants and selects recipients.
  • Finishing the Mtera Secondary School’s multi-purpose building is this year’s infrastructure project. Construction resumes next month.
  • Scholarship account balances and pledge information will be distributed to congregations in early October.
  • Pledges for secondary scholarships, post-secondary scholarships, and the Equity Fund (scholarships for students from unpartnered parishes) are due by November 1.
  • Iringa Diocese parishes will receive their scholarship award amounts in December and select students.
  • Secondary School Students return to campus in January for another year of learning.


Many thanks to the members of the Scholarship & Education Committee, who plan and monitor this life changing area of our work together: Frank Mkocha, Pastor Jiskaka Lwila, Pastor Lusungu Msigwa, Ryan & Astine Bose, Virginia Altman, Dave & Sue Klevan, Dan McIntyre, Birdie & Ken Olson, Ginny Rudolph, Betty Wolf, Pastor Lynda Thompson (chair).




Kirsten Levorson

Director of Bega Kwa Bega


Watch for more updates on scholarships on the BKB Facebook page!