How to Report Misconduct

Reporting Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct committed by congregational employees should be reported to the pastor, council president, or other congregational officer. Congregations are encouraged to have policies in place for addressing allegations against church staff and to respond with compassion and care to anyone reporting abuse by clergy or lay leaders.


This synod has responsibility for addressing allegations of sexual abuse by rostered ministers (ordained clergy and deacons), administering appropriate discipline, and responding to those who have been harmed. Policies and procedures in place in this synod provides for compassionate and resolute response to those wounded by rostered minister sexual misconduct, and appropriate discipline for those who offend.


Where to report rostered minister (ordained clergy or deacon) sexual misconduct

Report to the Saint Paul Area Synod if this synod is:

a) where the misconduct occurred;

b) where the rostered minister (clergy or deacon) is currently located; or

c) where the victim is currently located.


The following synod staff are available to receive reports:

Main Telephone | 651-224-4313

Bishop Lull  | Ext. 1009 |


Assistants to the Bishop:


The following persons in this synod is also available to receive reports:

The Rev. Bradley Schmeling | 651.699.1378 |
The Rev. Karna Moskalik | 651-439-5704 |


Misconduct may also be reported directly to the ELCA: