Forms & Reports

Various forms and reports needed by rostered and congregational leaders for records management, governance, reporting to the Saint Paul Area Synod, directing mission support, and congregational life. If you cannot find a form, please call the synod office at 651-224-4313.




Rostered Ministers' Annual Ministry Report

One of the priorities in our work as a synod is staying in close relationship with the rostered ministers who serve our church. The Annual Ministry Report, received by Bishop Lull, allows us to check-in on your discernment, your call, and anything that the synod might hold in prayer for you. It also keeps us updated on practical information, such as current contact information, anniversaries, etc.


Below you will find links to the 2023 Rostered Minister Annual Report Forms (which address information from the 2022 calendar year). Pastors and deacons complete the same form; please download the form that best describes your status over the past year. Save the form to your computer. Open the saved form and fill it out. Be sure to save your changes before sending it to Bishop Lull. To use the fillable form, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please note that the questions have a 250-word limit when filled out electronically.


This year, pastors serving in congregational or chaplaincy settings have another option. If you practice the inclusion of those online in the sacrament of Holy Communion, instead of filling out the standard leader report, you may send Bishop Lull a two-page essay, outlining the theology which undergirds this practice. She will respond to each of those essays during Lent, desiring to learn the theology that informs your practice.


Download your report form:


Once you have completed your report, attach it in an email to Bishop Lull at If you need a paper copy, please contact the synod office at 651-224-4313. If a personal conversation would be helpful with Bishop Lull or one of the Assistants to the Bishop, contact Leslie Ortiz at or 651-224-4313 and she will communicate with you regarding a time to meet.



Mobility Forms

Rostered ministers seeking a new call and congregations in the call process use forms created and facilitated by the churchwide expression of the ELCA. The Rostered Minister Profile (RMP) for pastors and deacons and the Ministry Site Profile (MSP) for congregations may be accessed on the ELCA website at