Synod Directory & Pulpit Supply

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Last updated April 8, 2022


Intended for use by rostered ministers, the synod directory contains information about committees, roster, and congregations. It is updated quarterly and is password protected for privacy.


Although we are working to ensure accuracy, mistakes can happen. If you notice incorrect information, please notify Leslie Ortiz at 651-224-4313 or


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Last updated October 19, 2022


Intended for use by rostered ministers in need of pulpit supply, this list contains names of leaders who are typically available on Sunday mornings. If you're interested in being on the list, please request to be added by emailing with your name, phone number, email and city in which you reside. Questions? Call the synod office at 651-224-4313.


Instructions for use

  1. Both the directory and pulpit supply list are in PDF format. You will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view both. You can download Adobe Reader free at
  2. Both documents are password protected and the password, which is the same for both and never changes, has been mailed to rostered leaders and congregations. Forgot your password? Call the synod office at 651-224-4313.
  3. In the directory, there are bookmarks and hyperlinks to aid navigation. The Table of Contents on page one contains links to the various sections of the directory.


ELCA 'Find a person' search tool

If you need to get in touch with an ELCA leader in another synod, try a search on ELCA website using the People filter option.