Candidacy is the process of preparation and formation for Word and Sacrament or Word and Service rostered ministry in the ELCA. The candidacy committee of each synod oversees the candidacy process, in partnership with Domestic Mission Unit of the ELCA.


During the candidacy process, a strong partnership between the candidate, congregation, candidacy committee, seminary, and Domestic Mission Unit is essential for a formative experience. This partnership demonstrates the connection with the wider church in discerning and preparing for a call to rostered ministry. A “Summary of Candidacy” is available through the ELCA.

Candidacy Committee

The Candidacy Committee of the Saint Paul Area Synod partners with candidates throughout the formation process and helps them to navigate the expectations and standards of the roster they seek. The committee will meet formally with candidates for entrance, endorsement and approval decisions, as well as for informal times of connection.

Call on Us

We recognize the importance of the faithful discernment, which comes with the decision to pursue candidacy, as well as the challenges of preparing for rostered ministry. We are committed to providing every opportunity for you to speak with someone who can be of assistance should you have any questions or concerns. The bishop and staff of Saint Paul Area Synod welcome the opportunity to offer whatever assistance they can as you explore the possibility of becoming a pastor or deacon in the ELCA.


If you are interested in pursuing candidacy, please contact Deacon Krista Lind at or 651-224-4313.

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