Call Process

The ELCA call process engages congregations and church-related organizations in thoughtful assessment and spiritual discernment of how God may be calling them together in mutual ministry “for the sake of the mission and ministry of the church.”


Tools for the ELCA call process

To this end, the ELCA has created tools that provide for the management of the process in each synodical context, and at the same time, encourages pastors, deacons and ministry sites to focus on mission, while allowing for creativity, reflection, and initiative.

These tools are found and best explored on the ELCA website at

Call Process Manual

The Saint Paul Area Synod Call Process Manual is a helpful tool for congregational use throughout a time of leadership transition.

Mobility forms for congregations

Pastors, deacons, congregations, and church-related organizations will find mobility forms that have been “designed and crafted to work together with a churchwide mobility database that will store the forms.” The Ministry Site Profile (MSP) may be accessed by selecting “ministry site” at The synod staff is available to help navigate this process.

The Ministry Site Profile (MSP) is designed for use by congregations and church-related organizations. It focuses attention on the mission opportunities of that ministry site and allows for reflection on the way the ministry site perceives itself in relation to its calling and its context. The ministry site will have space to be creative in its presentation and the opportunity to write a summary description of its setting and needs. Information from the MSP will be used to create a narrative snapshot of the ministry opportunity, suitable for posting on the web. The “Guide to the MSP” will be a helpful tool for the writing team.

This form requires an outside recommendation and also provides for optional reflections that will allow the site to enhance their profile.

Invitation to partner

Whether you are a ministry site faithfully moving through a time of transition or a pastor or deacon prayerfully listening to the stirrings of the Spirit, the synod staff is available to help and counsel you as you thoughtfully assess and spiritually discern how and where God is calling you into mutual ministry for the sake of the mission and ministry of the church. If you have questions about using these forms or the process, please contact Deacon Krista Lind at or at 651-224-4313.