Renewing Relationships

Date posted: Tuesday 27 June 2023

Congregations are still discovering a new path forward following the loss and upheaval experienced around the world by COVID-19. During the pandemic, Guatemala Friends gatherings over Zoom, letters and videos sent by e-mail to the ILAG for distribution to village churches, and Zoom meetings—often with interference—helped to join us with our companions as we walked together in Christ to keep hope alive.


Last month, SPAS congregational coordinators, pastors and deacons were invited to attend the May Guatemala Friends event as a way to re-engage and re-energize our partnerships with the ILAG now that travel to the villages is safe. At this meeting, we reviewed the covenant that the SPAS churches sign with their individual ILAG partner(s). Also small groups of participants representing different churches discussed opportunities and successes they had with engaging their own church members and reaching out to their Guatemalan companion congregations during and following the pandemic. Click here for a summary of these discussions.


After reviewing the summary, the committee decided to plan the next Guatemala Friends event with you, our SPAS congregations, in mind as we provide materials about renewing relationships! You will leave with a Covenant Renewal Liturgy and ideas to incorporate this into your worship service. In addition, a couple of other ideas to re-engage your Global Missions group within your congregation and with your ILAG companions will be shared.