Remember a Life by Gifting to ELCA World Hunger

Date posted: Monday 25 January 2016

by Vernita Kennen


This is another of those weeks with memorial services; I will be attending two in the coming days. Perhaps you, as I, have wondered how best to make a memorial gift in honor of a friend or relative who has died and who did not specify a recipient for memorials. Maybe their obituary suggested that you could choose where your gift would go. When this happens, I make my gift to ELCA World Hunger knowing that it will help life to continue in a new way, in honor of my deceased friend or relative.


The ELCA World Hunger program has very attractive cards which can be used for this very purpose. The inside says:  “A donation to the ELCA World Hunger and Disaster Appeal is offered in memory of ________________ by _________________”.  The card also includes the websites should the bereaved family want more information about how the memoriam is used to benefit others.


The cards are available without charge from ELCA World Hunger. Keep some on hand in your congregation and at your home. I have found that when we make them available at our Alternative Giving Fair people are always grateful for the suggestion that this would be an excellent way to honor someone’s passing from this world to God’s new world.