Reformation, All Saints, & Those Who Hunger

Date posted: Friday 24 October 2014

by Vernita Kennen


As we gather in worship to celebrate the Christian festivals of Reformation and All Saints Day, we seem to quickly pass through the church doors on our way home and think more about Halloween, and the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays ahead. The stores are filled with candy and costumes as well as holiday decorations of every kind. We are already bombarded with advertisements for holiday gift giving.


What might our more appropriate response be if we consider these festivals through the eyes of those who hunger? I suspect that Luther’s intent was that Reformation was not a once and for all event linked to his name but that it would mean that our church and ourselves would always be reforming, always being made new. Maybe our focus on the Halloween party should rather be one in which we remember that it is the Eve of All Saint’s Day, the day on which we remember with gratitude all those in the faith who have gone before us. That list is longer than we can imagine and includes many who have died in the faith but because they have not had enough food to survive.


When your family pauses to give thanks for a meal around Halloween and All Saints Day, include those nameless hungry children of God who are indeed “saints” in the eyes of God. Thank God for the saints in your life today and ask that God would open your eyes and hearts to work to end hunger in today’s world.