Reconnecting Appeal: We Did It!

Date posted: Thursday 24 June 2021

Dear Partners in Christ,


On behalf of the Iringa Committee and the BKB Community at large, we are writing to say “Hongera Sana! Many congratulations! We did it!”


In response to challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and opportunities presented by the continued growth of God’s church in Iringa, this spring we launched a special fundraising effort called the Reconnecting Appeal. Today, we are pleased to report that we have exceeded our goal of $50,000 thanks to the faithful and generous contributions of 34 individuals and 13 congregations.


To date, total donations of nearly $52,000 have been received in support of this effort. The first $20,000 received now allows us to fully support Ryan and Astine Bose, our in-country BKB program coordinators, as well as upgrade technology in the BKB-SPAS and BKB-DIRA offices. With the next $30,000 received, we are adding to scholarship equity funding for secondary students from unpartnered congregations ($15,000) and post-secondary scholarships for pastors, teachers, medical professionals, and others pursuing advanced degrees ($15,000).


With the remaining $2,000 and any additional gifts, we are funding our future with contributions to the BKB Endowment Fund. Distributions from the endowment will allow us to experiment, innovate and provide direct lines of support to projects and initiatives aligned with the mission, vision, values, and future directions of this partnership.


All of this is being accomplished, thanks to you and many others with passion for our companions in Iringa and the common work we share.


We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Mungu awabariki…May God bless you all.


The BKB Funding Team
Pr. Karsten Nelson, Jim Wolf, Barb Lind, Kirsten Levorson, and Pr. Peter Harrits