“READ” has become “REASON”

Date posted: Monday 29 June 2015

Those of us with a bit of history in working with the ELCA World Hunger program will remember that it has been using the acronym “READ” for several years. The letters stood for the ways in which the World Hunger program works - Relief, Education, Advocacy, and Development. Our society and ways of working together are always changing and the staff at ELCA World Hunger have found a new acronym that speaks more clearly to today’s hunger ministries.


That word is “REASON”, a good way to let people know what and why we serve in hunger ministry in God’s name. The letters stand for: Relief, Education, Advocacy, Sustainable Development, Organizing, and Networking. You will be seeing and hearing more about these new pieces of our work together in the days, months and years ahead.


Networking is not something new to hunger work; we have done plenty of this within the synods of Region 3 and in the Region itself through annual retreats and gatherings. But networking to end hunger needs to connect more widely with local communities, agencies and organizations to find better ways in which the rest of those elusive “REASON” letters can fit together. The 1,972 synodical and congregational hunger leaders in the ELCA will be learning more and networking more in the year ahead. Stay tuned!