We ran! And now we plan…

Date posted: Monday 03 July 2017

Early in June, a Cherish All Children team of 32 participated in the Stop the Trafficking 5K, raising $7,000 toward an End the Demand campaign. Thank you to all who participated and supported this effort! There is a growing movement across the country to "End the Demand" for child sexual exploitation. With our focus on prevention, we plan to be a part of this movement. Will you join us?


The Men as Peacemakers organization is coming out with a curriculum this August called "The Don't Buy It Project" to engage men in the solution to ending child sexual exploitation. They believe that violence can be prevented, that we can begin to change the culture, and create healthy relationships and communities. We all have the power to speak up and change the course of a conversation from "boys will be boys" to boys and men are more than the hyper-masculine, hypersexual stereotypes society assigns them.


We are currently looking for congregations to pilot this curriculum and other efforts to engage men in prevention efforts. Contact us to get started! We’d love to talk with you.


Joy McElroy              joymcelroy22@gmail.com  651.207.3357 St. Paul Prevention Outreach Specialist

Mike Banks               dad5519@gmail.com          651.644.5974

Tricia Niesche          tricia.niesche@gmail.com  612.281.7497


For more information, go to www.cherishallchildren.org.