Promises (Again)

Date posted: Tuesday 08 January 2019

I have been working with the Augustinian Lutheran Church in Guatemala for 18 years now, and my home church, Augustana Lutheran in West St. Paul, has been in an official partnership with San Agustín Lutheran in La Esmeralda since 2002. The hardest part of the covenant that we sign and renew every three years has always been the letter-writing. Hands down.


But it's important. We promise to write at least four letters per year because it helps maintain the relationship, especially during times when we cannot physically be there with our companions.


It is not hard to write a letter, but whose responsibility is it? Does it always have to be the senior pastor? Or the trip leader? Who keeps track of when letters are sent? Who prods people to write when a letter is needed? Who submits the letters we receive from our partners for publication in the newsletter?


As I started reflecting on this topic and jotting down some notes, I decided to save my draft. When I put that draft copy into my Caminando Juntos folder, up popped an identical title: "Promises." It turns out, back in August of 2015, I wrote an article for this blog with very similar sentiments about the importance of letter-writing. Hmmm, I thought. Have I made any improvements in this area? (No.) Do I still struggle with getting people to write letters regularly? (Yes.)


So, I have decided to make a New Year's resolution, even though I generally hate such things. My resolution is to find someone else to do this job. Brilliant, right? I don't have to be the one in charge of letter-writing, since I obviously don't do that job very well. This person will be more organized in this area, have a focus, and will do a better job.


You may steal my idea, by the way.


Happy New Year,


Janet Metcalfe

Augustana Lutheran Church, West St. Paul