Praise & Thanks in Every Backyard Bite

Date posted: Wednesday 05 August 2015

by Vernita Kennen


It’s the season here in Minnesota where the foods are at their freshest and the tastes are always astonishing. As we enjoy the “fruits of the field” are we being truly mindful of the praise we should be giving to God who provides the soil, sun and rain for our taste buds? Are we remembering to say thank you to God in every bite?


We also should be reminding ourselves that, while we are enjoying the fresh green beans, beets, sweet corn and kohlrabi from our gardens and farmers’ markets, others in our own country and around the world are not so fortunate. Many in our own country are finding crops less than expected because of lack of rain and extreme heat or because of too much rain and flooding. Across the globe wars continue to prevent planting and harvesting while weather is a hindrance in other areas. Volcanic eruptions spew ash on crops ready for harvest and wipe out livelihoods.


As our family enjoys tasty potatoes, green beans, and raspberries tonight from our tiny backyard garden we will remember others who are going without. We will return praise and thanks to God for the good things we enjoy and the ability we have to share with others.


(Photo via Unsplash)