Passionate About Healthcare

Date posted: Thursday 12 April 2018

I admit that I am passionate about Ilula Lutheran Hospital and the people it serves. They seem to do so much with so little, yet they are close to thirty years behind where we are in everyday US medicine. For example, if you are a doctor or a nurse reading this, when was the last time you used the drip-count method to calculate an IV rate?
I am passionate about Ilula and I would like to transmit just a little of that passion to my healthcare colleagues who are not involved with Ilula Lutheran Hospital (ILH), the Ilula Nursing School, or the Diocese Dispensaries. The ultimate involvement is to visit the hospital. I cannot imagine a healthcare worker visiting ILH and not being turned on to supporting our patients and staff at ILH. Yes, I said "our patients." The possessive tells you that I am involved. I feel healthcare is a sacred calling. I am sure many reading this agree.
Perhaps you aren't a healthcare worker. Not a doctor, nurse, aide, therapist, or other healthcare professional. If not, I'll bet you know someone or more than one who is a healthcare worker. I challenge you to talk with all the healthcare workers at your church. Ask them if they support Ilula Lutheran Hospital. If they say no, be curious about why not...
And ask them to attend the Shoulder to Shoulder - Ilula Health Gala at the Eagan Community Center, Sunday, April 22, 6 - 8 pm. You are invited, too! It is great fun! Tell them to give a little too. You can tell them I sent you, too. And don't take no for an answer.
Kenneth P. Olson, MD
Education Committee Chair, Shoulder to Shoulder - Ilula Health