One in Nine

Date posted: Monday 23 January 2017

Recently, as I was preparing for our congregation’s 2017 Lenten soup suppers, I looked through items we have used in the past for education and promotion of ELCA World Hunger. We have used both the placemats and country/meal ideas available on the ELCA website. Imagine my surprise – and delight – to find copies of placemats we had previously used that said “One in six people go hungry in the world everyday”, then “One in seven”, then “One in eight”. The most recent which now has the number 8 crossed out and reports that “One in nine people go hungry in the world today.” Think about that for a minute! While the digits are increasing the number of hungry people is actually decreasing!


We can certainly praise God that fewer people are living with hunger today. But while there has been a reduction, we still have work to do for the 795 million people who continue to live with hunger. Our gifts to ELCA World Hunger are addressing the root causes of hunger in over 60 countries, including the US. ELCA World Hunger also offers resources to educate.


Educating your congregation

Consider using some of the educational resources available through ELCA World Hunger. For soup suppers and other events, the placemats are very effective and available at no cost with no shipping charges through the ELCA. Consider also using the global map available through the ELCA Global Mission program as a placemat, adding information on a table tent of where and how your own congregation is involved in helping to end hunger. These can spark conversation, informing and inspiring people to get involved with ending hunger.


How can you educate your congregation as they share soup during the coming Lenten season?


Vernita Kennen

Weaving Together an End to Hunger Work Group