The practice of being present is the second pillar of our relationship with the Iringa Diocese. We grow closer to God and one another through the intentional exchange of people, stories, and shared experiences across continents and cultures. Wherever two or more are gathered in his name, we profess, there Christ is.


Traveling to Tanzania

Since its inception, thousands of people have traveled through the Saint Paul Area Synod to visit our companions in Iringa. Designed not as work projects but as opportunities for cross-cultural education and immersion, the majority of these trips expose visitors to the life of the Iringa Diocese and their companion congregations. To learn more about traveling to Iringa or to begin planning a trip, visit this page.


Hosting Guests

From pastors and teachers to entire choirs, hundreds of Tanzanians have been received as guests in Saint Paul through Bega Kwa Bega. By hosting guests, congregations are able to introduce those who are unable to to travel to some of their companions. Doing so also gives guests an opportunity to see, experience, and better understand life in the United States - with all of its advantages and disadvantages. To learn more about receiving guests from Tanzania, visit this page.



While trips to and from Tanzania are the most noticeable examples of presence, it is the regular exchange of letters, email, text messages, and Skype sessions that stitch our communities of faith closer together. While not without its challenges, making an effort to share joys and concerns and key events, both congregational and personal, allows companions to accompany one another in real time. To explore different communication strategies with your companion, contact your Cluster Leader or email