Bega Kwa Bega is the phrase we use to describe our companion synod relationship with the Iringa Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT). In English, the phrase means ‘shoulder to shoulder’, describing the way in which we accompany one another in a spirit of mutuality, inclusivity, and vulnerability.


At its heart Bega Kwa Bega is a joint ministry between communities of faith in the ELCA and ELCT, whose purpose is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to extend Christian hospitality, and to strengthen relationships with one another through the shared practices of prayer, presence, and projects.


Through the work of this partnership and the leading of God’s Holy Spirit, we envision a deeper faith and fuller life, accompanying one another as participants in God’s ongoing mission in both America and Tanzania.


We invite you and your congregation to learn more about us and join in the journey.


Karibu sana! (You are warmly welcome!)

Join the journey

Thousands of visitors from the Saint Paul Area Synod have visited Iringa, with more than half of those since the congregation partnerships began in 2000. More than 60 have traveled to this synod from Iringa, including the Iringa Choir, which toured the area and performed concerts in congregations. These visits have strengthened and cemented relationships with partner parishes by enabling visitors to understand the culture, faith, and lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ living in Iringa.