Domestic Mission

The synod is called upon to help our congregations live into the question, “Who are we called to be at this time and place?” Through collaborative mission renewal, strategy, local mission partnership, and engaging young adults, the synod offers many opportunities for congregations.

New Mission Starts

In collaboration with the Domestic Mission Unit of the ELCA, the Saint Paul Area Synod is works to make new disciples. In some instances this has led to efforts to launch new mission starts. Currently, the Saint Paul Area Synod has seven new starts under development as well as several mission explorations on the horizon.

Local Mission Partners

Local mission partnership is the lifeblood of new and renewing congregations in the Saint Paul Area Synod. Centered around the principles of prayer, presence, and presents, local mission partnership means support, love, and willingness to learn together.

Mission Strategy

Mission strategy helps churches to answer questions about who they are called to be. Knowing that every congregation is unique in who they are and where they serve, the mission strategy process is designed to be flexible and contextual. The process helps congregations reclaim their own identity while listening deeply to the community around them, shaping a plan for the future and providing a foundation for continued discernment about where God is leading them.