Local Mission Spotlight: Arms Open in Welcome

Date posted: Friday 18 October 2019

Praise the Lord! One more adult was baptized recently and joined our family in Christ…the Minnesota Faith Chinese Lutheran Church! Celebrating baptism is one of the memorable moments at Faith Chinese Lutheran and a favorite time at the church. Since June 2003, there have been 360 adult baptisms and over 1,200 adults gave their confessions to the Lord Jesus.


As the first-generation immigrants educated in a no-God doctrine since childhood, 99% of congregation members have never heard about Jesus, and God has never been part of their thoughts. It is marvelous that so many people have accepted the Lord Jesus as their Savior and the Lord of their life at the church.


Being the only Chinese Lutheran church in Minnesota, we aim to keep our arms open for all Chinese who either visit or move to Minnesota. Last Sunday we again welcomed two young newcomers with our arms open. They came to Minnesota to first learn English, sample different cultures and foods, and adjust to the weather, and our hospitality with love opens their heart. The church becomes their spiritual home.


Over 12,000 people heard the good news of Jesus the first time at the church worship services, Bible study groups, fellowships, retreats, gospel conferences, small group talks, one-on-one personal communication, daily Bible study email groups, funerals and weddings. No matter how short or long of a stay, many of them often tell us how much they love the church and our prayers. Some even started Bible study groups in other states or in China, with our support.


In addition to the Sunday services with Holy Communion, we also hold small group Bible studies. I personally lead a weekly young adult group (Joy Fellowship) to study the Bible and pray for one another. Most of the participants are not Christian yet, but their longing for God’s words is even harder than some of us as Christians. It is great to witness how we grow up together in spirit through the Lord Jesus and the church. We share the meal together every Sunday and at group meetings. It is the most relaxed time for me and others. What an amazing family the church is!


Minnesota Faith Lutheran is a faithful member of Saint Paul Area Synod. Our choir and praising dance group are often invited by other communities to perform and share the gospel. Our mission partnerships with other churches are strong, in particular, with the host Galilee Lutheran church. We share the pastors, joint services, youth and children programs, building clean-up, and community garden. Pastor Shen Lin also helps quite a few American-Chinese marriages at different ELCA churches.


Thank you for your generosity in helping local Chinese ministry. With your support, the good news of Jesus has spread into 25 states in the U.S. and 22 provinces in China, and will continue to spread for many years. Your contributions for the Kingdom of God are highly appreciated!



About the Author - Linqing Chu is seminary graduate who is currently completing her requirements for ordination. She works alongside Pastor Shen Lin at Minnesota Faith Chinese Lutheran Church, which was established in 2001. Its mission is to serve God and one another, administer sacraments, and share the Gospel with all people. The congregation strives to provide a loving, accepting, and encouraging environment for Chinese students, scholars, professionals and families in the Twin Cities area.