Preschool Program Director

Date posted: Tuesday 16 February 2021



1. Develop and supervise the Preschool Program to meet the needs of all the children.
2. Be responsible for enrollment numbers at the preschool. This includes recruiting students and families to the pre-school through active marketing to the community and presence at events in the community with potential families and students.
3. Supervise the enrollment process by checking registrations, medical forms, and dates of enrollment. Notify the Treasurer and the Chair of the Preschool Committee of any new students or departures from the program.
4. See that the best possible use is made of the facility, equipment and supplies provided for the preschool program and make recommendations to the Preschool Committee for the maintenance of the equipment and the facility.
5. Help each child to use all of their abilities and to grow as much as possible. Above all, remember that the Director’s responsibility to the children comes before all other aspects of the program.
6. Keep the school safe, clean and attractive.
7. Attend all Preschool Committee meetings.
a. Prepare a Director’s Report for each Preschool Committee meeting.
b. Act as a liaison between the professional staff and the Preschool Committee.
c. Assist the Preschool Committee in representing the school at church and community meetings and activities.
d. Interpret programming to the Preschool Committee and parents.
e. Work with the Treasurer and the Preschool Committee for the collection of delinquent tuition payments.
8. Plan and attend monthly staff meetings and/or in-service training sessions.
9. Attend professional workshops and meetings, whenever possible, so that professional growth may be maintained. Workshop attendance shall be equivalent to a minimum of 2% of the hours the preschool is in session each year. When grant money is available, registration fees will be paid up to $45 per employee annually (this could include First Aid and CPR). Bloodborne Pathogens will be provided at no charge. If unable to attend the class provided, only the amount the committee paid per person will be reimbursed.
10. Meet individually with each staff member once a year for performance evaluation.
11. Purchase expendable supplies as needed.
12. Prepare and submit reports as required by the Department of Human Services.
13. Write a monthly newsletter and any other necessary information for parents (calendars, emails, etc.)
14. Update the school website and social media sites (Facebook and Instagram) as needed.
15. Maintain communication with the church staff and attend church staff meetings.
16. Prepare a monthly article for the church newsletter.




1. Must meet the requirements of the state licensing guidelines Statute #9503.0031.
a. Must be at least eighteen years of age.
b. Be a graduate of a high school or hold an equivalent diploma attained through successful completion of the General Education Development (GED) test.
c. Have at least 1,040 hours of paid or unpaid staff supervision experience.
d. Have at least nine quarter credits or ninety hours earned in any combination of accredited courses in staff supervision, human relations, and child development.
e. If the director functions as a teacher or develops or revises the child care program plan, the director must meet the qualifications of a teacher as specified in the state licensing guidelines Statute 39503.0032.
2. Early Childhood Degree preferred but not required.
3. Be a professing Christian and a member of the Christian Church.
4. Have a current First Aid, CPR and Bloodborne Pathogens certification on file.
a. Renew First Aid certificate every two years; CPR every two years and Bloodborne Pathogens every year.


Period of Employment


Following satisfactory completion of the six months probationary period (Section 5.60 of the Abiding Savior Personnel Policies), the individual shall be hired as a permanent employee until such time the employer/employee relationship is discontinued in accordance with Section 11 of the Personnel Policies.


Work Periods


1. The Director shall serve as many hours as needed in order to fulfill the responsibilities of this position as outlined in this document.
a. The Director shall be on-site a minimum of one hour per day when classes are in session. When not on-site, the Director shall notify the staff of where she/he might be reached in the even her/his presence or advice is required.
b. During summer months, the Director shall spend as much time as needed to prepare for the start of the new school year.


Training Provided


Workshops, ELEA Director’s meetings, preschool staff and committee meetings and church staff meetings.




Preschool Committee and Senior Pastor


Performance Evaluation


Preschool Committee and Senior Pastor


Support Provided


1. Other Staff and the Preschool Committee
a. The Preschool Committee will provide guidance and assistance to the Director in fulfilling the requirements in the Position Description.


This job description shall be subject to yearly review by the Director and the Preschool Committee.


Contact information:  email resume and letter of interest to