Date posted: Monday 10 January 2022


15 hours per week




Lead Pastor




The organist is responsible for organ and piano music and accompaniment for scheduled worship services and other activities in support of the music ministry of the church and for assisting in selecting hymns and other aspects of worship planning.




a. Provide organ and piano music in a professional manner for Sunday worship services and for special services such as Blessing of the Animals, Confirmation, Advent Vespers, Children’s Christmas Program, Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday.

b. Theological understanding of ELCA Lutheran worship.

c. Arrange for a qualified substitute organist or pianist when absent from church services.

d. Provide organ and piano music for weddings and funerals as available and receive additional compensation from the parties involved.

e. Arrange for the use of the organ or piano by a guest musician when needed.

f. Encourage the musical talents and participation of members of the congregation by organizing, coordinating, and accompanying special music offerings from vocalists, instrumentalists, and small ensembles.

g. Rehearse sufficiently to maintain a high quality of music.

h. Attend worship planning meetings which typically occur every 3-4 weeks but may be scheduled more frequently as needed. As part of those meetings, assist in the selection of hymns and other worship planning matters.

i. Arrange for organ and piano maintenance with a qualified organ and piano repair person as needed.




a. The organist is finally accountable to the congregation of Grace Lutheran Church.

b. Direct supervision is from the Lead Pastor, and in his/her absence the Associate Pastor.

c. To work in a collegial manner with the Grace Choir Director, accompanist, GraceAbounds leaders and worship leaders.




a. Regular professional and pastoral support and care from the pastors, staff, and council.

b. Human resource advice and counsel from the Personnel Committee, if needed.




a. The annual salary (paid bi-monthly) for this position will be $25.000, in keeping with the Guidelines of the American Guild of Organists.

b. Four Sundays/year will be granted as vacation, with one additional Sunday given for sick leave.

c. Social Security benefits at .75% of salary

d. An annual continuing Education stipend of $200.00




The instrument is an Allen Organ, Model G-350 installed in December of 2018.

Additional information about the is available upon request.




Steven Boehlke

Grace Lutheran Church

7800 West County Road 42

Apple Valley, MN 55124

651-253-2379 - C