Date posted: Monday 19 April 2021




To enhance church services by providing organ music that compliments the worship service.






1. Play the organ at assigned worship services for First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Rush City.

2. Play the organ for special events as needed.

3. Inform the senior pastor when a substitute organist is needed and help arrange for a substitute if requested by the pastor.

4. Attend Worship and Music Committee meetings.






The senior pastor and organists should communicate on a regular basis to discuss service music. The pastor will usually select hymns and provide special instructions; the organists will usually select additional music that compliments the planned service. The outline of service and hymns should be given to the organist a minimum of 4 days prior to the service.



Organist Schedule:



The office staff and organists will develop and maintain the organist schedule. The senior pastor should be informed if a substitute organist is needed.




Practice Schedule:



Priority for practice time is given to the organist for the upcoming church service. Organists for special events (funerals, weddings, etc.) should contact the church office to arrange a practice time.






The organist’s immediate supervisor is the senior pastor. The organists should work cooperatively with pastors and the Worship and Music Committee. Once or twice a year the organist and head of the personnel committee (non-pastor) will meet to discuss job performance, concerns, and questions.






Organist pay is established by the Personnel Committee and approved by the Church Council and ultimately the congregation. Organist has first privilege to play for any weddings, funerals or other worship services held in the church. Rates for funerals are coordinated with the funeral home and rates for weddings are established in the church's wedding handbook.






A budget will be established by the Worship and Music Committee for organist music and professional development opportunities.



Probation Period:



During the three-month probation period, the senior pastor and the Personnel Committee will discuss job performance with the organist. If expectations are not met, the organist and congregation will be given opportunities to make corrections.






During the probation period, either party may discontinue employment arrangement without cause. After the probation period, either the organist or the Personnel Committee may sever employment by giving a 14-day notice.



Use of the Organ:



1. Do not use street shoes when playing the organ. The dirt on the soles damages the pedals.

2. Do not use paper clips to hold or mark music. The clips fall between keys and jam them.

3. Do not have food or beverages near the organ.

4. Cancel the registration (stops and pistons) and turn off the organ when done playing.

5. Report any needed service or repairs to the Worship and Music Committee.



To apply, contact Pastor Nathan Baker-Trinity at