Music Leader

Date posted: Monday 13 September 2021

Roseville Lutheran Church is seeking a music leader for its non-traditional 10:30 AM Sunday morning  worship service

Core Duties 

Lead worship bands and provide music planning for 10:30 AM worship, one service per Sunday, with  the total number of Sundays per year to be agreed upon - part time, 10 to 15 hours per week

Rehearse weekly with congregational musicians to prepare for 10:30 AM worship, and handle  scheduling of all musicians

Encourage congregational participation in singing for worship as a high priority

Introduce and teach new songs for worship, and create a mix of new and contemporary songs while  still retaining musical material that has been part of the congregation’s past experience

Report to the Director of Music to choose and coordinate 10:30 AM musical selections to fit with  preaching themes, seasonal themes, and Bible readings, and work collaboratively with pastors, staff  members, and volunteers

Produce and encourage high quality musical leadership in worship, and encourage development of  proficiency of volunteer musicians

Be responsible for the management and setup of the stage area on the north side of the altar area for  rehearsals and for Sunday mornings

Be present during Sunday 9:00 AM worship (on days when leading at 10:30) as participant and support  for audio and video technology teams

Desired Traits and Skills 

Skilled musician and singer who can perform and lead a band in a variety of modern musical styles,  playing either piano/keyboard or guitar

Enjoys leading and building teams

Self-starter, organizer, can build necessary systems and structures

Collaborator who can work to execute a created plan

Proficiency in creating charts and parts, tracks and clicks, and a working knowledge of audio  equipment and audio/video software


Salaried, commensurate with experience

To apply, send resume and cover letter to John Helgen, Director of Music, at