Director of Second Service Worship

Date posted: Tuesday 08 June 2021




The Director of Second Service Worship is to be a person dedicated to the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ and committed to the mission and vision of St. Philips Lutheran Church. The person in this posi-tion will be expected to choose elements of the worship service based on the lectionary and expressing Lutheran theology. The Director of Second Service Worship will create and plan weekly worship ser-vices in coordination with the Pastor and Director of Music and provide music leadership. This includes the ability to sing, play piano/guitar alone, and lead and play piano/guitar with the Praise Band two services per month.






1. Administrative Responsibilities

a. Plan and coordinate the entire music program, provide leadership and resources to all in-volved in the second service at St. Philips.

b. Participate with the pastors and music staff, and other leaders in the congregation in carrying out the vision of the congregation through music ministry at the second service.

c. Schedule and coordinate rehearsals for the Praise Band. (With Office Manager and Band)

d. Make new ideas/resources available to pastors and staff and congregation.



2. Budget/Finance (purchasing)

a. Make budget recommendations on materials needed for the second service worship to the Director of Music annually.

b. Make purchases for the second service as authorized in advance by the Director of Music.



3. Committee Responsibilities (liaison)

a. The Director of Worship, Second Service, is an ex-officio member of the Worship and Music Committee and may be invited to attend meetings as needed.



4. Communication (internal and external)

a. Meet weekly with the Director of Music.

b. Attend weekly staff meetings (or as needed)

c. Work cooperatively with the pastors, Director of Music, office staff, organist, choir direc-tors, musicians and the Worship and Music Committee in carrying out the responsibilities of this position.

d. Attend Church Council meetings as requested.

e. Attend Worship and Music Committee meetings as requested.



5. Facilities Management

a. Coordinate space needs for rehearsals with Office Manager.

b. Meet as needed with soundboard technician to troubleshoot concerns with systems or equipment used in the second service.



6. Program Planning

a. Select songs that will be sung by the Praise Band and/or congregation and all music that will be sung or played during the service.

b. Prepare song texts and/or other worship materials as needed for the second service, com-municating, and coordinating all materials with the sound board technician.

c. Communicate copyright information with the Director of Music or report copy activity as needed and as mutually agreed upon with Director of Music

d. Create and write out Order of Worship and submit to Office Manager at least two weeks in advance of the worship service.

e. Coordinate music played/sung in worship with Director of Music so that other ensembles may perform or lead music at the second service as scheduled throughout the year.

f. Provide or coordinate solo leadership of congregational singing at the second service at least 2 Sundays per month.

g. Rehearse songs and other music alone so that a high level of musicianship is demonstrated in solo singing and solo keyboard/guitar leadership.

h. Coordinate at least two Praise Band rehearsals per month and as needed throughout the year.



7. Other Duties as assigned.




1. High school diploma required. Bachelor’s Degree in Music is desirable but not required.

2. Demonstrated excellence in leading music and worship through singing and keyboard/guitar accom-paniment.

3. Demonstrated excellent organizational skills.

4. Able to work independently with minimal supervision.

5. Knowledge and understanding of copyright laws.

6. Positive attitude with changing workloads and conditions.