Director of Music

Date posted: Monday 22 November 2021

Purpose: Director of Music will envision and lead the music program at Trinity. This position will oversee, coordinate and aspire to produce excellence in music that is relevant and inspiring to all members of the congregation; will develop the music ministries of the congregation by building on a solid foundation of organ, the contemporary band, and choral music; and will foster love of praising God through music. This individual will engage the congregation in the musical celebration of faith, providing a range of musical experiences to deepen faith as part of worship.



Working Relationships:



● Reports directly to the Senior Pastor

● Works collaboratively with staff, the Worship & Music Ministry committee, the Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry, church sound system volunteers, and the congregation



Hours: Hours will be reflected in the specific skill set(s) the applicant brings to this position



Primary Responsibilities:



● Oversee musical needs of the church, collaboratively defining the direction of music and choral programs of the church

● Collaborate with pastoral staff, other staff, and lay leaders to plan and supervise music for traditional, contemporary, and Wednesday night services, as well as special religious services

● Coordinates the selection of hymns and music that will align to the liturgical style and key messages of each worship experience

● Lead and organize choir and/or contemporary band

● Create and sustain a balance of opportunities within the assembly of worship to nurture spiritual growth

○ Structure and free flow

○ Participation and entertainment

○ Familiar and fresh

● Identify, encourage, and foster talent and passions of all ages into worship and special services

● Work with musical portion of children’s worship and fellowship activities

● Schedule, facilitate, and oversee weekly rehearsals for musical groups

● Provide music for funerals, weddings, and other special occasions as needed, for additional compensation

● Retain and recruit music accompanists, vocalists, and band members

● Secures and coordinates additional outside musicians for worship as needed

● Supervise the repair, acquisition, and maintenance of the congregation’s instrumental resources and Worship & Music Library

● Demonstrate knowledge and honoring of current copyright laws

● Attends weekly staff meetings, occasional staff trainings, and retreats

● Maintain professional competency by practicing, performing, attending continuing-education classes, workshops, and seminars

● Oversee financial expenditures in collaboration with bookkeeper/treasurer

● Submit an annual written report to administrative staff for publication in Annual Report booklet



Essential qualifications



● Passion for musical worship

● Strong relationship skills for fostering collaboration

● Deep understanding of liturgical practices, Lutheran tradition, and use of music in worship

● Communicate effectively and confidently with staff and membership

● Creatively plan and shape music for both traditional and contemporary worship services

● Ability to coordinate musicians and volunteers

● Maintain confidentiality and professionalism

● Musical talent in one or more of the following : choir director, organist, pianist, instrumental director, vocalist


To apply, please email