Director of Faith Formation and Senior High Ministry

Date posted: Monday 07 June 2021

Summary job description: As Director of Faith Formation they will oversee and coordinate the intergenerational leadership, vision, strategies, relationships and activities of those doing ministry with children and youth. As Director of Senior High Ministry they will lead, guide and equip ministry with young people 15 – 18 and their families. The Director of Faith Formation and Senior High Ministry will report to the Senior Pastor.



The Director of Faith Formation and Senior High Ministry will:



· Understand the challenges that secular culture brings to ministry in contemporary society.

· Be aware of the role of religion in families overwhelming lifestyles.

· Be able to investigate local contexts and their impact on ministry.

· Create a Christ-centered, congregationally-owned and contextually-effective vision and strategy for faith formation ministries and be a vision-caster.

· Teach, equip and nourish young people to grow in their faith and identify their callings as partners with God in God’s mission in the world.

· Equip parents and called adults to practice faith, ministry and mission with our young people and develop relationships with them.

· Develop a plan for the formation of faith that is based on Lutheran theology and addresses the stages of development of young people, guiding the choice of appropriate curriculums, programs, and strategies. This is especially true for confirmation and Sunday school.

· Lead and supervise the faith formation staff.

· Lead senior high ministries.

· Create space for significant relationships to flourish.

· Utilize trips and retreats as ways of deepening community and mission.

· Develop regular opportunities and education around cross-cultural community building.

· Partner with the Executive Director of Church Operations to effectively develop a plan to communicate the vision, programs and ministries of Trinity Faith Formation and to build relationships through all available means of communication, including social media and other technologies.



Minimum requirements:



· MA level training in CYF ministries preferred.

· Previous experience leading faith formation ministries and senior high ministries.

· Commitment to equipping families and congregation for CYF ministries.

· Capacity to deal effectively with adults and young people.

· Experience leading a group in strategic planning.

· Innovative, imaginative spirit and outlook.

· Knowledge and comfort in the ability to use contemporary communications, social media, and other technologies.



Qualified applicants send cover letter and resume to