It’s For the Birds

Date posted: Sunday 08 January 2023

A recent women’s bible study reminded us that humans are mammals and only one part of God’s enormous and wonderful creation. As discussion continued and we talked and sang about animals, our table of six women talked about birds.


Many in the group had favorites and talked about their characteristics, habits, and beauty. Others talked of their songs. We talked about migration and birds we are seeing now in the winter months that we don’t see in the summer and vice versa.


That brought us to talking about who among us feeds the birds. Many of us do and in varied ways. Some of us leave garden plants and flowers for birds to eat seeds during the snowy season. Others feed birds in a variety of feeders, protecting them and their menu from other critters.


One of our women had a story and lesson for us all. She loves to feed - - and watch - - the birds in all seasons of the year. She realizes that there are many humans in our world who are as hungry as the birds in her yard. She has committed to donate an equivalent amount to an organization which feeds people whenever she purchases a large bag of seeds for her feathered friends!


We were all challenged, and hope others might find this a way to help those who live with hunger every day, be they birds on the wing or two-legged children of God in our own neighborhoods or around the world.


Vernita Kennen

Incarnation, Shoreview


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