If You See Something, Say Something

Date posted: Thursday 02 September 2021

If You See Something, Say Something!

I saw another one of these signs near the airport the other day and I do agree! The sign also made me ask myself to whom should my comment, question or request be directed? Addressing the right person, leader, group or agency will make the difference in the answer and the action I will receive.


For example, if I find that my laundry has been nicely folded and placed on my bed, but it is also tinted pale pink, I will most certainly want to say something. I need to say something to the person who did the laundry! We will need to talk about why it happened and what needs to be corrected so it won’t happen again. Even if I’m the guilty party.


What happens if I read a newspaper article or see a TV program that talks about children who live with hunger? Where do I need to go to register my dismay where it will have the most impact? There are things I need to consider such as where are those hungry children. If they are in my school district, perhaps I begin with the principal at the local school or the superintendent. I could check with my church to see if there have been parents with hungry children who have asked our congregation for help. I could ask at the local food shelf if there has been increased need.


If I find that this continues to happen frequently, it’s time to say something to others with the ability to make changes happen. I need to say something to my elected officials in my city, county and my legislative district expressing my concern and asking their help. I may need to go to my state legislators, agency heads, and perhaps the Governor with my concern. If it’s a problem that begins with our U.S. government, then I need to be in touch with my Representative or Senator, a cabinet official and sometimes the President.


If I see something, I DO need to say something. But I also need to say something to others who will join my voice. I need to say something to my spouse, my children, my friends, my faith community, my local advocacy group, my service organization, my social group, and so on and so on. Hopefully, they, too, will be alerted and will themselves both see something and say something.


It is what we are called to do as one of God’s children on behalf of all others who are also children of God.


-Vernita Kennen

Incarnation, Shoreview


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