Hunger & Justice Planning for Fall

Date posted: Monday 09 October 2017

It is already October and time for all of us to be planning ahead for opportunities for our congregations and groups to make connections with those who are living with poverty and hunger now. For instance, while celebrating the Feast of St. Francis, bring treats for pets as donations to your local food shelf. Many people, even those who live in poverty, have pets and choose to feed them before themselves. You can help.


Pray. Fast. Act.

Don’t forget the “Pray. Fast. Act.” emphasis in the ELCA on the 21st of each month. Check the ELCA website for a monthly focus and action related to hunger. Many congregations hold a special gathering of food for local needs at Thanksgiving time. By all means do so, but remind people that monetary donations to a local food shelf can leverage at least three times the cost of a can of peas, peaches, or a box of mac and cheese.


Advent with World Hunger

Act now to order some of the wonderful new materials for the Advent and holiday season from ELCA World Hunger. The new four-week Advent study is available for free download and the most attractive as well as informative Advent calendar can be ordered for each family in your congregation at no cost. Do it now; they ran out and many had to wait for reprinting last year. Good Gifts catalogs and ornaments are also available at no cost. Do it today and be ready for the coming again of our Lord.


Verninta Kennen