Honor your mother and your father

Date posted: Friday 03 June 2016

by Vernita Kennen


Honor your mother and your father: this is a biblical mandate not just something invented by Hallmark or the dining industry. The ELCA World Hunger program has made it possible to honor parents in a new way this year by introducing delightful coloring sheets/cards for use by children - and even adults.


Who could resist something that says “You’re BEEautiful, Mom” and announces a gift of honey bees in honor of mother?  Or “You’re a Keeper, Dad” announcing a gift of a fish farm? The coloring sheets could be used during a class, Sunday or weekday, and help educate young people about the ways in which our ELCA works to end hunger. They could also be used as handouts and done at home and then sent on to parents or grandparents as their special days arrive.


Of course, the goal is to gift the recipient with the sheet/card AND a contribution to the ELCA Good Gifts program of bees and fish farms to share with God’s children around the world. This is a good time of year to make a special gift and not just wait until the winter holidays approach. Celebrate, honor and contribute in May and June.