Gratitude for Hidden Treasures

Date posted: Thursday 22 March 2018

On Ash Wednesday I decided to start a series of posts on Facebook that I named "Hidden Treasures." The idea is to find one thing every day - a photo or quote, maybe a poem or even a recording - that surprises, delights, inspires, or moves me, and to post it with a comment. The only rule is that it must be something from that day. I thought that this would help me to keep my eyes open for the abundant gifts that God has provided me every day.
I've been at it for over a month now and I am still finding so much to share with my family and friends from around the world! From the comments I've received on my posts, it seems that people are appreciative that I am sharing a bit of everyday Tanzanian life and culture. They are learning new things that are helping them to develop a new perspective.
This little project has also transformed my own perspective. Constantly on the lookout for subjects that I think my 'fans' would find interesting, I notice the smallest things now that I wouldn't have paid any attention to previously. And I think about everything more deeply - the meaning of things, the purpose of things, and how they fit into God's plan for creation. I have found a genuine gratitude for the gift of being able to live in this beautiful place and to serve God's people. I am 'barikiwa kabisa' (completely blessed) to be here.
Some of the things I've shared about include the weather (rain, sunrise and sunset), the roads (those of you who've been here know what an adventure they can be), the wildlife (flowers, trees, animals, and even slugs), the Maasai, the Cathedral Choir, DIRA, the Million Trees project, local transportation, food, Form VI graduation at Pommern Secondary School, and general life in Iringa. It's all so interesting! And I can't help but feel that doing this has made me a more observant, thoughtful, and grateful person. "Stop and smell the roses" has taken on new meaning for me. I encourage you to try it.
Deacon April Trout
BKB Program Coordinator in Iringa