Date posted: Thursday 13 October 2022

Here in Iringa, it’s warmer than the blustery days of July, when I was last here. The jacarandas are in bloom, their lovely lavender blossoms creating a canopy overhead until they fall to carpet the ground. My Facebook feed shows me that Minnesota is experiencing its glorious autumn, with leaves of red and gold, and the brisk temperatures.


The seasons change, the years pass.


Our BKB community experienced another passing with the recent death of Pastor Don Fultz, who served as our founding BKB Coordinator along with his wife, Eunice. Invitation and hospitality were the hallmark of their tenure. Don visited many congregations, inviting them to "come and see" what God was doing in the Iringa Diocese through this companionship. I’ve heard many travelers recount how they were met in Dar by Don and Eunice on their first trip to Tanzania, sharing the coaster bus for the long ride inland together.


This week the Iringa Diocese is meeting for its General Assembly, and amid their full agenda of actions and elections, they are inviting participants to sign a condolence book for Don’s family. Bishop Gaville described Don as the one who “paved the way” for all that is happening now through this partnership.


Grateful for his life and service to the church, we remember Don’s sense of humor, his love for children, and his tireless work on behalf of this companionship. By the end of his tenure as coordinator, over 60 congregations were part of the BKB community.


Don’s work of building relationships is evident in the strength and stability of our companionship. Well done, good and faithful servant. Click here to view the funeral service for Pastor Don Fultz.



Kirsten Levorson

Director of Bega Kwa Bega


P.S. In the video below, Don described how he came to serve in Tanzania and the insights travelers from our synod experienced when they visited.