Global Food Week of Action – October 13-20, 2019

Date posted: Tuesday 01 October 2019

The Global Food Week of Action includes World Food Day (Oct. 16), International Day for Rural Women (Oct. 15), and International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (Oct. 17). Our hope and prayer is for a world where everyone has enough affordable, healthy and culturally appropriate food, where no one is hungry, and where all who work in the food chain are fairly compensated, respected and celebrated!


2019 Action Areas:

  • Climate Justice:  The climate crisis calls for action at every level - personal, institutional, national, global.
  • Famine:  The resurgence of famine and extreme hunger in several parts of the world requires a rapid response.
  • Food Sovereignty:  Actions to expand agroecology, food justice, and food sovereignty cool the planet and meet people’s need for sustenance, livelihoods, and agency.



Prayers of Intercession

Prepared by the Presbyterian Hunger Program and Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance. May be used in worship if credit is given.


In the towering cliffs we see your majesty, and on quiet lakes we experience your peace.  Revive, O Lord, the lands and fields, the water and air. May the resources we find in it be used for your glory and not for the enrichment of a few.


God, Creator of the land, hear our prayer. We ask for your blessing upon the farmers of the world, for water and sun, for fertile soil and good health. May they have freedom to till the land for the feeding of their families and their communities.  Guide their tending to respect what you have provided for the flourishing of all life.


God, Creator of the first garden, hear our prayer.

God, our provider, pour out your gifts on the communities of the world. May they find harmony in relationship and be sustained by the bounty you have given. Help all communities rely upon each other, so that the needs of all will be met, and hope might be found even in the midst of tragedy. Let them flourish and guide their generosity, that their hospitality might reflect your own.


God, Creator of community, hear our prayer.


May the hand of your justice be made known in our food system. Let the benefits be received by all who participate. Let those who labor, be paid. Let those who grow food, not be made needy. May nourishment reach the hungry, and even the crumbs find mouths to be fed.


 God, Creator of justice, hear our prayer.


Bless, to us, food that is wholesome and good. May our tables be filled with the fruits of our local fields. Let all that we eat give life to those who dine, give strength to our bodies, and energy for the work of your justice, peace, and love.


God, Creator of all that there is, hear our prayer.