Global Day of Prayer to End Famine

Date posted: Thursday 10 May 2018

June 10, 2018 will be the second Global Day of Prayer to End Famine, observed in faith congregations worldwide. It is being sponsored by the World Council of Churches, the World Evangelical Alliance and the All Africa Conference of Churches along with church-related humanitarian organizations and a coalition of church-related networks, organizations and partners.


This will be an opportunity for you and your congregation to unite with faith communities all over the world in prayer, reflection and action. It is a good time for education and awareness about famine’s impact of vulnerable children and families and discussion about the root causes of famine.


As mentioned in the last blog, after years of steady and truly good progress on reducing world hunger, the numbers of hungry people globally have begun climbing once again. Global leaders, less than three years ago, agreed through the UN's Sustainable Development Goals that no one be left behind. They are demanding change so that we can live in a world with Zero Hunger.


The Global Day of Prayer to End Famine will play a critical role in raising awareness of the under-reported and unfolding tragedy of hunger in times of conflict, that the youngest people are the most endangered, and that gender-based violence is a widespread contributor to hunger.


A resource pack for the Day of Prayer to End Famine with prayers, liturgical material and other resources will be available by convening organizations in mid-May. Be watching for it and plan to include it in your worship and education possibilities on June 10th.


Vernita Kennen

Incarnation Lutheran, Shoreview


Photo via Unsplash.