Get to Know Our New BKB Program Coordinators

Date posted: Friday 05 March 2021

Thanks to their ability to be vaccinated earlier than anyone expected, Astine and Ryan Bose are packing their bags and getting set to jet to Tanzania in a few short weeks in order to begin their global service as the next BKB Program Coordinators in Iringa. In that role they will serve on our behalf and be present among our companions even as many of cannot yet travel. In this week’s news update, the couple pauses their preparations to help you get to know them some more.


As a reminder, financial support for their work comes from the contributions of individuals and congregations like you and yours. If you’d like to make a direct gift, you can do so as part of the 2021 Reconnecting Appeal.




Q: Tell us a little about yourselves…

We were both born and raised in North Central Kansas and attended the same grade, middle and high school, although we did not get married until 10 years later. The majority of both of our families still reside in our hometown. Ryan has a younger sister. Astine has a twin sister and two younger sisters. We have been married for about 3-½ years, and we are pretty convinced that we’ll miss our nieces and nephews the most when in Tanzania.


Q. What inspired you to consider global service together?

After marrying in 2017 we both knew we wanted to live abroad and serve God in some way, shape, or form. We moved to Lawrence, Kan., as a starting point for our new lives together, with the goal of looking for opportunities abroad after a couple years. A good friend of ours shared a link to the BKB Coordinator application saying she thought we would be awesome at the position. That felt like quite an exaggeration. Regardless, God worked tirelessly on our stubborn hearts for weeks before we decided to apply. Ultimately, God inspired us to serve globally and showed us a wonderful way to do it.


Q. What skills, experiences, or curiosities do you each bring?

Ryan served as a YAGM (Young Adult in Global Mission) in Rwanda (2014-2015) where he worked with the Kirehe Youth Welding Project. During his year he learned a great deal from his host father, Pastor Athanase, when they visited many of the rural churches in the Kirehe district. He also has experience navigating rough off-road driving conditions as well as driving on the left side of the road with a good old-fashioned manual transmission.


Astine's experience as a Project Manager and the training she received will be a handy contribution to our team. There are obviously a lot of congregations, parishes and people involved to keep straight and that will require knowledge of how to organize and fulfill the many projects, correspondence and activities that will take place.


Q. What are you most excited about as you prepare to depart? nervous about?

Excited? Traveling again! We are excited to see new places and to experience and learn about a culture different than our own. We are also eager to meet wonderful, inspiring people and worship God in a new way. As for nervousness, we know there will inevitably be times of homesickness, but we are thankful for the ability to call and video chat with our families.


Q. You've had a chance to begin picking up some of the work and meet some of the people involved... any key learnings or observations so far?

We love the connection and mutual relationship between churches that are geographically so far apart. Most of the synod members that we have had the opportunity to speak to have been to Tanzania themselves multiple times. That is just amazing and an absolutely wonderful key in the strength of Bega Kwa Bega’s accompaniment model.


Q. How can folks in Minnesota best accompany you as you serve on our behalf?

We ask for your prayers, encouragement and patience as we grow into our new role. You have all been a part of this companionship for years and we can only hope and pray that we uphold the relationship(s) you have established.


Asante sana!


-Astine & Ryan Bose
BKB Program Coordinators (soon to be in Iringa)