For Such a Time As This

Date posted: Friday 26 May 2017

ELCA Bishop Eaton and Bishop Curry (presiding bishop of The Episcopal Church) have issued a joint statement with the title "For Such a Time As This" calling for prayer, fasting and advocacy addressing cuts to public programs that are vital to hungry people who are living in poverty. The statement calls for fasting on the 21st of each month through December 2018, the conclusion of the 115th Congress.


Why the 21st of each month? This seems an odd date until you realize it was chosen because by that day each month about 90% of Supplemental Nutrition Benefits Program (SNAP) benefits have been used. Families and individuals who rely on what we used to know as “food stamps” often are forced to go hungry during the last week of each month. The bishops urge us to remember them and fast in support.


My reading of today’s newspaper told me that new details of the proposed federal budget cuts DO target the Supplemental Nutrition Benefits Program. What might that mean for those who are already living in poverty? Housing, transportation, child care, and a number of other issues which make it necessary to stretch monies for food farther continue to burden people living in poverty. How do these proposed cuts fit into the call of our Christ to love one another?


Consider joining the monthly fast on the 21st of each month and encourage others to join you. There is much helpful information and resources available from ELCA World Hunger as well as Bread for the World. We are in “such a time”!


Vernita Kennen

Incarnation  Lutheran, Shoreview