Experiencing Renewal

Date posted: Wednesday 22 December 2021

As Lutheran Christians in 2022, we have countless opportunities to begin anew. We affirm that we are made new daily. Martin Luther asks us to remember that by making the sign of the cross every morning to remind us of our baptism.


We annually begin a new liturgical year with the season of Advent, reflecting and preparing our hearts anew for the celebration of Christmas and the coming of Jesus into the world as human. We find ourselves renewed as “Easter people” following the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord.


Many of us feel renewed when we can enjoy rest, relaxation, and re-creation in the less hectic summer months. As a new school year begins for young and old alike, we experience renewal in mind, body and soul through programming in schools as well as congregational education programs.


And as January 1st on calendars begin a New Year, we often find our thoughts turning to what might be different in the year ahead. Without calling them “resolutions,” how might I live renewed as a follower of Jesus who always cared for the hungry?


This prayer may nudge our ponderings:

Remind me, generous God, of all your gifts;
Everything I have comes from you.
Nourish me with your love and wisdom
Especially now as I enter into another “new year” of
Walking with you.


Make me more aware of those who live with hunger
Each and every day as I enjoy enough and more.


Amplify my efforts as I share my food with the hungry.
Give me the words to inspire others to join me in giving.
And never let me stop advocating for much-needed change
In policies and systems which prevent people from enough.
Nothing will be impossible in the New Year with you.


Vernita Kennen

Incarnation, Shoreview


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