2023 Synod Assembly – Pre

As the seasons begin to turn from winter to spring, we rejoice that God calls us to the fullness of life in every season of the year. The theme for the 2023 Synod Assembly is “Living in Hope.” This is the message God speaks to us and to the whole creation through Jesus Christ. Voting members, rostered ministers, and guests will connect for a one-day business session on May 13. The Rev. Dr. Barb Rossing will be the keynote speaker on Saturday, reminding us of reasons to live in hope even in the face of climate change.


During the assembly we will worship together, consider resolutions, elect people to leadership roles and experience being part of a wider church.

Friday, May 12 - 5-9 p.m. | mission fair & synod-wide worship service

no registration necessary


Saturday, May 13 - 9 a.m.-2:45 p.m. | synod business meeting

open only to those registered as voting members, advisors or guests

Registration information is below; click a button to learn more about the 2023 Synod Assembly:


Voting Members


Voting members include both rostered ministers serving under call (in congregations or in specialized ministry) and lay voters elected by their congregations, typically during the congregation's annual meeting. At Synod Assembly, voting members may make decisions about governance, mission and finances; elect members of Synod Council or other committees and select voting members to the triennial Churchwide Assembly. These voters are not designated "representatives" of a congregation (like elected officials), but they are asked to take seriously the responsibility of voting with their conscience for the well-being of the synod. Click here for the 2023 Voter Allocation Chart that tells how many voting members each of the congregations in the synod may bring to Synod Assembly.


Voting members will be invited to participate in a pre-assembly discussion of the proposed budget, any proposed resolutions and a discussion of synod ministries. Watch for more information about these gatherings, which will be held over Zoom approximately a week prior to assembly.


Other Attendees:

Besides voting members, assembly registrants may also include:

  • Retired Rostered Ministers - These participants are allowed to address the assembly during proceedings, but may not cast a vote.  [Unless they are one of the retirees elected at this year's Retired Ministers Caucus, retired rostered ministers have "voice" but no "vote"]
  • Advisors - These participants are allowed to address the assembly during proceedings, but may not cast a vote. They include rostered ministers not under call (on leave, retired or in study) except for those selected as voting members, lay synod staff, lay members of synod assembly committees, representatives of synod partners in ministry, representatives from ELCA synod and churchwide offices. [Advisors have "voice" but no "vote"]
  • Visitors - These participants are attending assembly as observers due to a personal interest in a topic or as someone working a display table. [Visitors have neither "voice" nor "vote"]


Advance registration is now closed. On-site registration is available at $65 per person on Friday, May 12, from 5-7 p.m. and beginning at 8 a.m. on Saturday, May 13. 

There is no registration for the mission fair or worship service on Friday, May 12. Registration is required for the synod's business meeting on Saturday, May 13.  Advance registration is open from March 3 through April 28. The advance registration fee is $55 per person. After April 28, no registrations will be accepted until May 12 when we are on-site at St. Andrew's. The at-the-door registration fee is $65 per person.


Voting members may register themselves or a congregation may register its full group. Please check with your congregation to find out how this is being handled. If one person is registering a group, please note that you will need to know some information about each person you are registering, including their email address, their preferred gender identity and pronouns, dietary restrictions and their choice of digital app or printed materials for assembly materials. Click here for a registration walk-through document with more specific instructions on the registration process.


Questions about registration may be directed to Rachel Holsten at 651-224-4313 or rachel.holsten@spas-elca.org.