The synod’s Advocates for Racial Equity work group invites you to a discussion with author Shari Seifert about her book, Ashes to Action: Finding Myself at the Intersection of the Minneapolis Uprising. After the world witnessed the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, a passionate uprising erupted, with the intersection of 38th and Chicago at its epicenter. One block away stood Calvary Lutheran Church, an ELCA congregation whose members had engaged in racial justice work for years.

In Ashes to Action, Shari provides her first-person account of the events following May 25, 2020. She joined others in the Calvary community to show up, listen, and ask what was needed in the moment. As the lines between her congregation and neighborhood blurred, the way toward a faithful response became clearer. This personal narrative stays rooted in the context of community, immersing readers in the days, weeks, and months following the uprising. Books will be available for sale for $13.

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